Sludge's and Marie's collection of Manga

1.Ranma 1/2  no.5
2.Ranma 1/2  Part 3, no.7
3.Ranma 1/2  Part 6, no.7
4.Ranma 1/2  Vol.2 Graphic novel
5.Ranma 1/2  Vol.5 Graphic novel
6.Gunsmith Cats no.2 of 10
7.Gunsmith Cats no.4 of 10
8.Gunsmith Cats no.6 of 10
9.Gunsmith Cats no.7 of 10
10.Oh My Goddess ! Part III no.5
11.Drakuun  no. 5 of 6
12.Drakuun  no. 6 of 6
13.The Return Of Lum no.2
14.The Return Of Lum Part 3, no.3
15.Vampire Miyu  no.1
16.Vampire Miyu  no.2
17.Vampire Miyu  no.3
18.Vampire Miyu  no.4
19.Usagi Yojimbo  no.10
20.Usagi Yojimbo  no.33
21.Usagi Yojimbo  Color special no.2
22.Guyver Part 3, no. 3
23.Guyver Part 2, no. 1
24.Ninja High School in color no.1
25.Ninja High School in color no.2
26.Ninja High School in color no.3
27.Ninja High School in color no.4
28.Ninja High School in color no.5
29.Ninja High School in color no.6
30.Ninja High School in color no.7
31.Ninja High School in color no.8
32.Ninja High School in color no.9
33.Ninja High School in color no.10
34.Ninja High School in color no.12
35.Ninja High School in color no.13
36.Ninja High School B/W no.32
37.Ninja High School &Speed Racer no.1
38.AP:Ninja High School Swimsuit no.3
39.AP:Ninja High School no.51
40.AP:Ninja High School no.52
41.AP:Ninja High School Year Book no.7
42.AP:Ninja High School Talks about comic printing no.1
43.Meet Sailor Moon no.1

44.Gunsmith Cats :Return of Gray  no.1 of 7
45.Gunsmith Cats :Return Of Gray no. 2 of 7
46.Gunsmith Cats :Return Of Gray no. 3 of 7
47.3X3eyes :Curse Of Gesu  no.1 of 5
48.Bondage Fairies Number 5
49.Misty Girl Extreme no.4
50.Ranma 1/2 Part 6,no. 8
51.Ranma 1/2 Part 6,no. 9

Following comics have been purchased the 13th of September

52.3X3eyes :Curse Of Gesu  no.2 
53.3X3eyes :Curse Of Gesu  no.3
54.Gunsmith Cats:Shades Of Gray  no.5 of 5

Following comic has been purchased the 23rd of September

55.Gall Force:Eternal Story no.2 of 4

Following comics have been purchased the 11th of October

56.Ranma 1/2 Part 6 No.10
57.Lum Part 3 No.6
58.Inu-Yasha:A Feudal Fairy Tale No.6
59.Project A-Ko2  No.1 of 4
60.Gunsmith Cats:Shades Of Gray  No.4 of 5

Following comics have been purchased between November and March
61.Justy No.6
62.Ranma 1/2 Part 6 No.11
63.Ranma 1/2 Part 6 No.12
64.Ranma 1/2 Part 6 No.13
65.Ranma 1/2 Part 6 No.14
66.Ranma 1/2 Part 7 No.1
67.3X3 Eyes :Curse of the Gesu no. 4 of 5
68.Gunsmith Cats:Goldie Vs. Misty  No.3 of 7
69.Gunsmith Cats:Goldie Vs. Misty  No.4 of 7
Following comics have been purchased in Late March
70.Ranma 1/2 Part 7 No.2
71.New Vampire Miyu Vol.1 Part 7
72.Mixxzine Issue 1-4
73.Mixxzine Issue 1-5
Following comics have been purchased on April 4th, 1998
74.Silbuster No.16
75.The Return Of Lum(UY) No.8
76.Gunsmith Cats:Goldie Vs. Misty  No.5 of 7
77.Gunsmith Cats:Goldie Vs. Misty  No.6 of 7

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