All poems written by:Shauna Yuen


Love is when you first meet each other Love is when you spend together with him and holding his hand Feeling that this is it That this is love Love is when you think you two were meant to be Love is each happy moment spent Love is planning a life with him Love is letting go Love is caring too much So much that he is more important than your own feelings Love is able to withstand the hurt of seeing him with another Love is knowing he's loving another Love hurts *end*

The First Time

The first time we met It was magic The first time we held each other It was special The first time we kissed It was exciting The first time we went old It was exhilarating The first time we made love It was heaven The first time we planned a life It was real The first time we broke up It was sad The first time remembering the first time It was all gone... *end*


Our love was strong So strong it could overcome hate Our love was strong That letting go was hard Our love was strong That forgetting is impossible But forgetting is best, that doing what's right is best for us That what's right is letting go And letting go is giving up And giving up is tough But knowing in the end you'll be mines again And knowing that.... Letting go is a little easier. *end*

How Come...?

How can something that feels so right be wrong? How can something be happy be sad? Why is it when you know this is it It really isn't How can one say they love and care for you turn against you? How can the truth become lies? How can love become hate? But most of all... How come it happens to me? *end*


I once knew a guy He was sweet, he was nice, he was funny, he was special. I once gave him my heart It was love It was something I never knew would happen I once lost hope but you gave it back to me I once trusted you but you did me wrong I once let you go but I can't let go But I did Now what do I do this one time? *end*


I sit here...and pull out a knife I poke once, to feel the prick Then a stab, to feel the rush Then a slice, to see the death To see the colour of life Red Red as flowing blood Trickling down my arm And engulfing me in a world of silence For evermore... *end*


I sit and stare In space I see The perfect peace for you and me No one to bother No one to break our silence No one to destroy our perfect bond Our love Our joy Our sanction... *end*


Inside I die Day to day Week to week Month to month Year to year Slowly Painfully But no satisfaction As to die Instantly... *end*

I saw Death

I turned and saw these eyes Cold as ice Yet invitingly warm I saw Death And he saw me I knew it was time For me to leave the living And enter the dead to feel the freedom... *end*


Knowing what I know Living what I lived Doing what I've done Showed me No happiness No enlightment No satisfaction Just pain Hatred And sadness All in one And never knowing What would be in store For me That I cannot live on.... *end*

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