Music:Sludge speaks of his equiptment

I play guitar ,organ,Moog synth and am learning flute.
All my equiptment:

Guitars: Gibson SG Standard,Ibanez Destroyer II
Amps:Laney 50 watt tube amp,Tube Works 100 watt amp
Cabs:4 by 12 celestian speaker cabinet
Pedals:Vox Wah Wah,Rat distortion,Ibanez Powerlead,
DOD Vibro-thang,Ibanez EQ pedal,Ibanez Delay

Keyboards: Lowery Organ double Keyboard Holiday with Genie 
from 1972,Moog:Opus 3 Synthesizer from late 70's.
Flute:Bamboo flute


I am very influenced by old Black Sabbath,Hawk Wind,
Uriah Heep,Edgar Winter,Saint Vitus,Amorphis,Iron Maiden,
Fu Manchu,and alot of old 70's ,80's electronic music.
I like loads more music than this but have not got the time
to write it all.

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