July Fifth 2017

This is the new official page of Orodruin. In these diatribes to the chronicles of arcane riffery we shall encapsulate all of the exploits forth-coming along this new age of regurgitated doom metal.

This has been a long exile into the realms which no mortal has returned but in these final moments we have been sucked back into the vortex and have eagerly been re-conjuring new songs from the portals of madness. At this moment we are cutting through and narrowing down from over 14 new tracks that will be aptly adopted into full length form.

Between August and September we will embark on a demo recording session for which we will shop around to various labels and once secured will continue the journey of entering a professional recording studio in Rochester, NY in December. We have already scoped out an excellent studio and are pleased to begin our journey into darkness.

The new music we are writing is standard quality Orodruin grade doom with refreshing revitalization into a new era of time. It has been too long since doom metal has been brandished proper and we hope to deliver some of the best Orodruin material to date. We thank you for remembering us and sticking with us along the way. Through the many shows and various newer self-released demos we finally will have something very momentous to offer. The second Orodruin full-length everyone has been calling upon. Thanks whole-hardheartedly from the battalions of doom at Orodruin! Long live Doom Metal!